cute lace lingerie A wedding gown

Bridal cute lace lingerie Lingerie Explained

A wedding gown is the centerpiece of a wedding. But if the gown is the centerpiece, the lingerie is the largest flower in the centerpiece. Without the right lingerie, a wedding dress doesn’t fit the theme. Who would think to wear cotton panties and a simple bra underneath a wedding dress? Bridal lingerie can make or break the effects of a wedding dress. Different styles of lingerie can enhance or hide parts of the body that the bride feels are prominent.

What type of lingerie a bride gets depends on the style and length of the wedding gown. The choice also varies with the bride’s body shape. Dresses that show some skin, or shorter dresses, will need an “invisible” undergarment that doesn’t get in the way. Women who wear strapless dresses cannot wear a bra. In this case, adhesive cups or breast petals are tasteful and attractive. Breast petals cover the nipple and center of the breast. They can be made of polyester or silicone gel, and ensure that nothing comes through the gown that doesn’t belong. For women who need to enhance their breasts, a bustier or push-up bra can do wonders to make them appear larger and fuller.

Bridal lingerie is reminiscent of the old corset/bustier style of the Victorian Era. But unlike the old style, newer types actually emulate comfort. They also offer the control that brides need underneath all that fancy ribbon and lace. Modern corsets tighten and form the waistline. They can be of a lace-up style or made from naturally stretchy material like spandex. Bustiers are also popular wedding lingerie. They emphasize and control the bust. And a simple pair of panty hose or control-top panties can support and tighten the rear.

It is usually the maid of honor who chooses the bridal lingerie. However, she only chooses lingerie for the wedding day itself. Sometimes the wedding night. It will be up to the bride to choose lingerie for the honeymoon. Each occasion will dictate a different kind of lingerie, since each has its own emotional context. For the wedding ceremony, lacy or patterned fabrics are not recommended. They can show through the gown, making it look somewhat sloppy and distasteful. Seamless undergarments and thongs are good for those who are comfortable in them. Especially if the bride wears a short dress or one that reveals the panty line. A bodysuit that covers both the breast and the torso will serve as a slimming garment, if the wedding dress is thin.

Finding bridal lingerie cute lace lingerie is a very important job. The bride will be wearing the wedding lingerie for more than twelve hours. She will need something that is comfortable while still being classy. Lingerie for the wedding night is easier to choose. No one but the bride and her new husband will see this lingerie. It’s all about romance. Frilly, lacy lingerie is sexy and provocative without heading into pornographic. For the honeymoon, pornographic is good. Almost expected. But the theme doesn’t have to be taken too far. The maid outfits and the fishnet stockings should be spared for later, when men and women need to spice up their sex lives, not on the honeymoon, when sex is most of the reason for celebrating!


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