cute lace lingerie The model-turned-designer

We Want Every cute lace lingerie Item In Ashley Graham’s Latest Lingerie Collection

Ashley Graham is back with another lingerie collection. The model-turned-designer partnered with Canadian brand Addition Elle to create a lingerie line catering to women size 12-24. And they are the kind of sizzlingly sexy numbers that will spice up any boudoir.

This is not the first time the multi-tasking model has collaborated with Addition Elle. According to InStyle, this is actually her fifteenth! Her first collection with the brand was released back in 2014. In an interview with 5 Minutes With Franny around the time of her first collaboration with Canadian, lingerie company, Graham had this answer to anyone who describes her as plus-size. “Although the fashion industry has dubbed me a  plus size’ model, I like to be referred to as a model. I don’t care what you call me, I know who I am and I am very proud of it.”

This time around, her collection is a beautiful combination of glamorous and wearable. It is sexy in the small details and comfort-oriented in its overall design. Modeled by Ashley Graham herself, the items and the promotional photos are gorgeous.

In a promotional video cute lace lingerie for the collection, Graham shared her vision and who she imagined would be shopping it. “I think today, the woman who is wearing my lingerie is every woman. She’s not defined by a size; she’s not defined by a class; she’s not defined by race or age; she’s defined by herself,” Graham said.




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