cute lace lingerie

UK’s first Lingerie cute lace lingerie Football League slammed as sexist… but founder says it fights inequality

The Lingerie Football League UK has recently launched in Manchester, with the team ditching traditional kits for something much more revealing

Team members will be playing their first match on the rooftop of Hotel Football which is owned by Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs next Wednesday

Founder Gemma Hughes said she was inspired to set up the club to “fight gender inequality” and raise awareness of the gender pay gap in football

Manchester Evening News SyndicationThe team will wear kits similar to volleyball players which emphasise their femininity

But women’s football coaches have criticised the league for taking a “step backwards”

Tracey Halpin, coach of Denton Phoenix girl’s team, said LFL UK does not set a good impression for young girls wanting to take up the sport

Manchester Evening News SyndicationShe said: “I think it is sexist for a number of reasons

“Why else would men come and watch women play in their lingerie? It wouldn’t be to watch them play football

“It seems like a crazy, cute lace lingerie crazy thing. I have worked with 30 young girls, I don’t think their parents would be impressed


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