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One stop shop large size lingerie for global lingerie and swimwear solutions

Sri Lanka-based MAS Fabrics will showcase its latest line of fabric and trim solutions for intimate apparel and swimwear products at Interfilie;re 2013, that takes place this weekend from 6-8 July, in Paris.

Given the complex construction of garments and the number of components essential in the manufacturing process, MAS Fabrics claims to present a unique value proposition with its one-stop-shop solution for requirements across lace, fabrics, elastics, moulded cups and accessories.

Never out of stockToday MAS Fabrics offers reduced cycle times and coordinated digital colour management to lingerie and swimwear brands across their full raw material need. The challenges of balancing low inventories and minimal mark-downs with a ‘never out of stock’ policy means that having a single source of innovation for every component of the garment and a shared manufacturing solution that operates a speed to market model, is critical if leading retail brands are to retain market share.

Timothy Speldewinde, cute lace lingerie head of MAS Fabrics, Sri Lanka, said:”As the world’ only complete raw material solution provider to the intimate and swimwear apparel sectors, Interfilie;re is the ideal platform to showcase how we at MAS Fabrics bring together the innovation and manufacturing excellence of six best in class companies across fabric, elastics, bra cups, lace, accessories and printing. By using the latest manufacturing technology and maintaining consistent standards of quality and compliance across the supply chain, MAS Fabrics offers a complete product solution engineered to bring comfort and performance to intimate and swim apparel”.


cute lace lingerie A wedding gown

Bridal cute lace lingerie Lingerie Explained

A wedding gown is the centerpiece of a wedding. But if the gown is the centerpiece, the lingerie is the largest flower in the centerpiece. Without the right lingerie, a wedding dress doesn’t fit the theme. Who would think to wear cotton panties and a simple bra underneath a wedding dress? Bridal lingerie can make or break the effects of a wedding dress. Different styles of lingerie can enhance or hide parts of the body that the bride feels are prominent.

What type of lingerie a bride gets depends on the style and length of the wedding gown. The choice also varies with the bride’s body shape. Dresses that show some skin, or shorter dresses, will need an “invisible” undergarment that doesn’t get in the way. Women who wear strapless dresses cannot wear a bra. In this case, adhesive cups or breast petals are tasteful and attractive. Breast petals cover the nipple and center of the breast. They can be made of polyester or silicone gel, and ensure that nothing comes through the gown that doesn’t belong. For women who need to enhance their breasts, a bustier or push-up bra can do wonders to make them appear larger and fuller.

Bridal lingerie is reminiscent of the old corset/bustier style of the Victorian Era. But unlike the old style, newer types actually emulate comfort. They also offer the control that brides need underneath all that fancy ribbon and lace. Modern corsets tighten and form the waistline. They can be of a lace-up style or made from naturally stretchy material like spandex. Bustiers are also popular wedding lingerie. They emphasize and control the bust. And a simple pair of panty hose or control-top panties can support and tighten the rear.

It is usually the maid of honor who chooses the bridal lingerie. However, she only chooses lingerie for the wedding day itself. Sometimes the wedding night. It will be up to the bride to choose lingerie for the honeymoon. Each occasion will dictate a different kind of lingerie, since each has its own emotional context. For the wedding ceremony, lacy or patterned fabrics are not recommended. They can show through the gown, making it look somewhat sloppy and distasteful. Seamless undergarments and thongs are good for those who are comfortable in them. Especially if the bride wears a short dress or one that reveals the panty line. A bodysuit that covers both the breast and the torso will serve as a slimming garment, if the wedding dress is thin.

Finding bridal lingerie cute lace lingerie is a very important job. The bride will be wearing the wedding lingerie for more than twelve hours. She will need something that is comfortable while still being classy. Lingerie for the wedding night is easier to choose. No one but the bride and her new husband will see this lingerie. It’s all about romance. Frilly, lacy lingerie is sexy and provocative without heading into pornographic. For the honeymoon, pornographic is good. Almost expected. But the theme doesn’t have to be taken too far. The maid outfits and the fishnet stockings should be spared for later, when men and women need to spice up their sex lives, not on the honeymoon, when sex is most of the reason for celebrating!

cute lace lingerie The Lingerie Business

Why Jane The cute lace lingerie Virgin’s Gina Rodriguez Is Entering The Lingerie Business

Jane the Virgin’s Gina Rodriguez has a new business venture in the fashion space, and it’s much more than a mere “design collaboration” or spokesperson gig. The actress has been tapped as cofounder and partner of Naja, a year-old lingerie line with major ambitions to help women (and the environment). The e-comm-only brand is vertically integrated, which shortens manufacturing lead times by up to 80%. “You can trace the supply chain from beginning to end you know that [Naja] is ethically-sourced,” Rodriguez says.

Naja’s commitment to employing single moms was a compelling selling point for Rodriguez: “During my first year of shooting Jane the Virgin, my college friend and her 4-year-old moved into my very small one-bedroom apartment. I learned firsthand how very difficult it is to be a single mother,” Rodriguez says. “Ensuring that women are employed is ensuring that the next generation is educated, this is good for society as a whole and helps in the elimination of poverty. At Naja, we provide special benefits to all of our employees with children so that these children can be ensured an education.”

The costs Naja saves from cute lace lingerie being vertically-integrated go towards school books, lunches, and uniforms for employees’ children, and there’s an emphasis on a flexible work environment. Cofounder and CEO Catalina Girald primarily employs single mothers and heads of household at the Naja factory in Girald’s native Colombia.

cute lace lingerie The model-turned-designer

We Want Every cute lace lingerie Item In Ashley Graham’s Latest Lingerie Collection

Ashley Graham is back with another lingerie collection. The model-turned-designer partnered with Canadian brand Addition Elle to create a lingerie line catering to women size 12-24. And they are the kind of sizzlingly sexy numbers that will spice up any boudoir.

This is not the first time the multi-tasking model has collaborated with Addition Elle. According to InStyle, this is actually her fifteenth! Her first collection with the brand was released back in 2014. In an interview with 5 Minutes With Franny around the time of her first collaboration with Canadian, lingerie company, Graham had this answer to anyone who describes her as plus-size. “Although the fashion industry has dubbed me a  plus size’ model, I like to be referred to as a model. I don’t care what you call me, I know who I am and I am very proud of it.”

This time around, her collection is a beautiful combination of glamorous and wearable. It is sexy in the small details and comfort-oriented in its overall design. Modeled by Ashley Graham herself, the items and the promotional photos are gorgeous.

In a promotional video cute lace lingerie for the collection, Graham shared her vision and who she imagined would be shopping it. “I think today, the woman who is wearing my lingerie is every woman. She’s not defined by a size; she’s not defined by a class; she’s not defined by race or age; she’s defined by herself,” Graham said.



cute lace lingerie Flaunt Inner Beauties

Buy Designer Lingerie to cute lace lingerie Flaunt Inner Beauties

Lingerie is an important part of our clothing. However, if it is worn in style, one will feel more comfortable than ever. Trend of purchasing good quality or designer lingerie is age old and adorned by almost all women. The market of designer lingerie is a flourished one and offers customers unique and subtle designs that suits an individual’s personality. Women can buy lingerie items as per their requirement and that suits their budgets as well.

As far as colors are concerned, the designer lingerie is available in a variety of colors and textures. Colors like pastel pinks, whites and beige go well with almost all kinds of outfits and also look fabulous when worn with smart formals. Newly wed brides can go for bright shades of red, burgandy, black and magenta for a romantic and soft feel. In fact, designer lingerie is a part of the trousseau of the to-be wed or newly wed brides. Price of lingerie depends on the type and style of it bought.

In western countries, wearing designer lingerie is a common thing amongst women of all age groups. Whether it is a newly wed bride or a sixty year old grandma, flaunting lingerie seems to be a trend there. Even at the beaches of these countries, we come across almost all the women taking sun bathes, while wearing designer lingerie items. Even a lot commercials and ad campaigns hiring top-notch models are seen wearing it as a part of the ad campaign.

Designer lingerie is available cute lace lingerie at all the stores that sell such articles or can be availed on the portals. In fact shopping for such products from online shopping portals has become a popular task amongst people. Customers can now purchase designer lingerie of their choice from these portals by sitting at any corner of the globe. All they require to do is select the lingerie of their choice, drop it in their shopping carts and follow the payment process of it. Within no time the shipment of the purchased goods will drop in at the door steps.

cute lace lingerie-How To Wear Sheer Lingerie

How To Wear cute lace lingerie Sheer Lingerie And Feel Confident

Wearing sheer lingerie  makes women feel sexy and light. With so many options out there, you could go from something complex with a bustier, sheer nylons and garter belts, or even just a soft and simple sheer babydoll. Most men and women tend to veer towards the more elaborate, thinking it’s sexier. But a sexy, sheer babydoll can be just as sexy. Even something as simple as a sexy sheer bra with matching panties underneath your clothes can prove to make you feel extra sexy throughout your day. With that little secret, you can feel like a little sex kitten, making for an interesting day and an even more exciting night!

Many of today’s wardrobe choices require very specific brassieres: ones that cross in the back, convert to a halter top, or have the option of going strapless. This same phenomenon is apparent in undergarment choices as well, since you may have to avoid panty lines by wearing a thong or nip in your waist with a durable waspie. While these types of undergarments are fine for occasional use, you should also consider wearing clothes that allow for more freedom underneath. When you don’t have to worry about the type of bra and panties you have on, you can boost your confidence and feel your best by wearing something sheer, something bejeweled, or something that is pure sex.

Matching lingerie sets are perfect for this kind of situation. Wearing sheer lingerie that comes in a pair – meaning brassieres and panties or brassieres and flirty skirts – is a great way to take your boudoir with you wherever you go. For example, the next time you wear a knee-length khaki skirt and button-down blouse, consider opting for a deep red underwire bra and sheer lingerie skirt set with detachable garter belt to go underneath. The garter can be used to hold up a sheer hoisery set, the bra can replace your everyday support, and your skirt can simply appeal to your delicious femininity. No one will ever know that you’re not wearing standard pantyhose, dowdy panties, and an 18-hour support bra. That is, of course, unless you want them to.

Taking your sexy sheer lingerie with you to work or play makes for a great day. You can let your partner know what you are wearing underneath your clothes and watch as he scrambles out of that meeting and into your arms. Wearing sheer lingerie makes women feel sexy and confident, adding a little excitement to your everyday routine and making each day different and spontaneous. So forget that boring bra and predictable panty! Don that sheer bra and sexy thong and have an unbelievable day!

Sexy sheer cute lace lingerie lingerie is a luxury item but there is so much choice that everyone can find that perfect item at the right price, so many styles and places where you can buy one the choice really is endless. Making an effort for your loved one such as purchasing sexy sheer lingerie shows that you care and so many people overlook that, they think lingerie is all about looking great or perfect but its about showing that you care for your loved one enough to purchase an item and wear it for them occasionally.

cute lace lingerie-sexy lingerie

Kardashian sisters launch undie-niably raunchy lingerie collection

Reality television sisters Kim, 31, Khloe, 27, and Kourtney, 32, got their kit off in aid of launching their new lingerie range in this racy shoot

Glammed to the max, Kim sports a nude and black bra and nickers as she stares seductively in to the camera

To the other side of the baroque gold and black set, Kourtney dons a lace bra with hold-ups while Khloe stands in the centre of the shot showing off her svelte curves and endless pins in a lace body and suspenders

The girls finish off the look with sky-high heels, tousled bed hair and smokey eyes

The snap is believed to have been taken a long time ago, before Kourtney announced she was pregnant with her second child

Launching the Kardashian Kollection Intimates line, Kim tweeted yesterday: “Lingerie shoot with my sisters for Kardashian Kollection Intimates!!”

She later revved her fans up even more by posting a saucy snap of her reclining on a bed wearing just a pair of tiny pink silk shorts and holding a sheet up to her bare chest

She cheekily accompanied the nearly-nude shot with the comment: “Can’t sleep tonight …”

Earlier Kim had posted sexy pictures on Twitter of her with blonde hair saying “I miss my real blonde hair” and “I might go lighter like in this pic”